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19th March 2017
Artist Creates Miniature Worlds Mimicking the Grit and Grime of Urban Architecture

Joshua Smith is a former stencil artist and galleriest turned minaturist. For the past two years, the Australian artist has focused his attention on creating extremely detailed miniature urban landscapes. Using everyday materials the attentive artist replicates graffitied walls, discarded cigarette buds and derelict buildings.

Working in a scale of 1:20, Smith primarily uses MDF, cardboard, and plastic for the framing and base. Layers of paint and chalk pastels give the architecture its realistic feel prior to wiring and lighting. The artist’s newest work, created for the VOLTA Art Fair in New York, is a four-storey replica of a building in Kowloon, which took three months to complete.

You can see more of his work on his Instagram and Facebook. (via My Modern Met)