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6th August 2017
Josh Keyes adds new ‘eco-surrealist’ paintings to his thought provoking series

Josh Keyes (previously) paints new thought provoking scenes that observe the world at the brink of destruction. His works often focuses on polar bears, a species which will soon lose its home as ice shelves continue to melt. The animals are placed in settings that suggest a post-human existence, such as a pair of fighting horses in front of a beached ship and a solitary brown bear looking over a seemingly empty metropolis.

The hyperrealistic paintings also incorporate graffiti found in unlikely places. Tags cover satellites, icebergs, and even a shark, an allusion to the lengths at which humans are willing to leave their mark.

Keyes’ solo exhibition, Implosion, opened yesterday, (August 5th) at Thinkspace Gallery in LA and runs until August 26, 2017. You can see more of his works on his Instagram and website. (via Colossal)