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24th September 2017
Expressive portraits reveal the quirky human-like qualities of different dogs

Ask any dog owner and they’ll tell you that their pooch has a dynamic personality. Pet photographers prove this, time and again, with portraits that reflect the idiosyncrasies of an individual canine. In a single picture, they capture their subtle expressions—including fuzzy furrowed brows, inquisitive head tilts, and happy wagging tongues. The creative married duo Alexander Khokhlov and Veronica Ershova carry on this tradition with their project called The Dog Show, in which they reveal the human-like qualities of different pups.

Just like in photos of humans, the pair’s custom dog portraits represent a wide variety of characteristics. Some wear a big toothy grin while others appear more pensive with a skeptical look on their face. There are somber pooches, beauty queens, and even a sly charmer who has a great wink. Set against a colorful backdrop, these photos feel fresh and look stylish.

You can’t help but view these portraits and compare them to people you know—as well as yourself. This aspect is part of the joy of The Dog Show; not only do you get to see adorable canines, but you play a game of imagining who they are in your life.

Written by Sarah Barnes via My Modern Met