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29th January 2014
Awesome Set of Playing Cards To Test Your Geography Skills by Harris Soetikno

Harris Soetikno, inspired by his love for travelling and his magician roommate. Created this set of cracking playing cards, either to test your geography skills or play a spot of poker with. He’s currently looking for backers on Kickstarter. His ‘Explore’ set of cards is the first in what he calls a ‘cardazine‘, a combination of the visuals of playing cards, and the information of magazines. The set is a catalogue of travel destinations, spread out over 52 uniquely illustrated playing cards.

The types are tied to a theme; Spades show modern architecture, clover show historical and cultural locations, diamonds show popular cities and the hearts show romantic places.

For more information, or to back his project, head over to his Kickstarter page and supports his project!!