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7th April 2015
Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings by Franco Clun

Franco Clun is an Italian artist best known for his hyper-realistic portraits drawn with only a pencil and paper.

It’s unbelievable to think this artist is completely self-taught, often admitting he has never attended a single art class. Despite that, Franco has undoubtedly mastered the art of photorealism with his astonishing pencil portraits of both famous and anonymous characters.

“At the end of each drawing, I feel I know so much more about the person I have drawn... I learn something new every time I take a pencil in my hand.” (Franco Clun interview in 2013)

His incredibly detailed artworks can easily be mistaken for high-resolution black and white photographs, which makes his work all the more impressive.

Franco normally takes around 50 hours to complete each portrait which he then sells for around 500 Euros. You can discover more of Franco’s talent via hid deviantart page.