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20th April 2015
'50 Foods in 50 Days' by CJ Hendry

Last month Brisbane artist, CJ Hendry, completed her ambitious drawing project; a creation of 50 photo-realistic food drawings in just 50days!

What began with the question “if you were a death-row prisoner, what would your final meal be?” resulted in CJ being confined to a room for 50 days straight. What is even more impressive is the exquisite attention to detail engrained into each drawing, despite a 24hr time limit at hand.

Each small line, shade or tone is purposeful and amounts to a final image, which pleases the eye and stays true to the incredibly difficult style of art that is photo-realism.

For each piece, CJ takes up to 100 photographs of items placed in different lighting and positions. She then methodically copies the photographs using shading techniques to re-create popular food items on Hermes plates.

Her '50 foods in 50 days' exhibition ran from March 27th to April 12th at a pop-up gourmet food store in Melbourne. However all of the drawings had already been sold to buyers around the world before the exhibition even started!

You can keep up-to-date with the drawing talents of CJ via her Instagram account.