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21st May 2015
Hawaiian-artist Hula Creates Beautiful Murals That Integrate With The Ocean

Sean Yoro aka Hula, is a Hawaiian-native artist who currently resides in New York City. He recently returned to his homeland to create a series of breathtaking murals.

In true Hawaiian style, Hula ditched his usual urban surroundings, grabbed his surfboard, a heap of acrylic paints and headed out to sea.

The results are stunning. Hula has brought to life a series of portraits, creating goddess-like imagery of beautiful women emerging out of the ocean, drawing you in to total tranquility.

The detail in his work, the reflections beaming off the water, the intrigue of what lies underneath and the integration between the women and the ocean combine perfectly to create a truly captivating set of portraits.

Well done Hula, and may we see many more to come! (via Street Art News)