Reimagining Art
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Our Story

Like most things, after 10yrs, we’ve changed a little bit. We started as an online hub where independent artists could sell their creations to a broader audience. Every weekend we took our “online” shop “offline” and set up at a local market, hustling for sales until the sun went down.

Today we’re one of the leading art suppliers in the Middle East (yeh we said it!). We’ve built a pretty epic team of art consultants, designers, artists and production guru’s, who collaborate in our workshop to deliver reliable, high-quality art for both consumers & businesses.

Our core essence hasn’t changed, we support artists and we do our best to help them monetize their creativity, but we’re much more than just an online store now. We’re an evolving brand rooted within art, design & interiors. We’re an eclectic mix of creatives united by a shared passion.

There is a reason we’ve grown from a local market to become
one of the leading art suppliers in the Middle East

Art for you

Our team of curious individuals have curated artwork from over 200 independent artists for our online store. We regularly add new artists & designs, in order to keep up with the latest interior design trends. Each sale directly supports the artist behind the design…helping artists, stay artists!

We have something to suit every mood, style and décor, from modern, minimalist designs to vibrant, expressive pieces. We’ve tried to make selecting art as simple as possible whilst offering different framing options that help you reflect your vibe. Because for us it’s the art that transforms a house into a home.

Art for business

We’re all about taking spaces from blah to brilliant. Our in-house team of consultants, designers & craftsman are the cream of the crop, with the skills and expertise to cater to a diverse range of projects.

We work with independent interior designers to large-scale developers, no matter the size or stage of your project, we’re confident that we can add creative value that will leave a lasting impression. Head over to our dedicated Art for Business area where you can see how we use art to enhance our client’s projects.

Art you can trust

Every sale pays an artist.
Every design tells a story.
Every frame is made to last.


Craftsmanship, is the epitome of cool and we are extremely proud of our production team. They make products that we would want in our own home, with their high degree of skill and attention to detail. If it’s not good enough for us, it won’t leave the workshop.

Our team has a deep appreciation for the materials, tools, and techniques used to create the final product. In today’s mass-produced world, craftsmanship is often overlooked or undervalued. However, it remains an essential aspect of our cultural heritage and something we pride ourselves on.

All of the materials we select are the highest-quality we can get our hands on, whilst keeping in line with our promise of affordability. It’s essential to be mindful about our environmental footprint. We do this by partnering with brands & suppliers who believe in the same set of values. For instance, the art paper & wood for our frames are sourced from certified European suppliers who practice reforestation & reservation. Learn More

Our Culture

Inclusion is more than just a diversity of people - it’s about making every single person feel like they truly belong.

We want everyone at drawdeck to walk into our workshop where the air is buzzing with a palpable energy, a unique vibe that they can feel in their bones. It’s a culture where every employee feels valued and empowered to unleash their full potential. From the top-down, there’s a shared belief that success is a collective effort, and everyone is working together.

We’re trying to build a place where creativity and innovation thrive, where brainstorming sessions should feel more like jam sessions, and where big ideas are celebrated and nurtured. We call ourselves the drawdeck family, yes it’s cheesy, but we’re there for each-other and we’re proud of the work we deliver because we ALL care.

Our Promise

You know, the kind of company that’s all about transparency, honesty, and doing the right thing. Sure we’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way, but we admit that and we always make sure.

When an artist signs with us they can be sure that their intellectual property is being correctly looked after. When a customer orders from us they can be sure they’re getting a product made to last. When a commercial client hires us they can be sure we’ll deliver on our promise.

We’re reliable & we make art you can trust.

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