Framed Canvas

A picture speaks a thousand words. But a good quality frame makes them stand out. Bring your favourite artwork to life with our framed canvas art.

  1. As low as AED 333.00
  2. As low as AED 333.00
  3. As low as AED 333.00
  4. As low as AED 333.00
  5. As low as AED 333.00
  6. As low as AED 333.00
  7. As low as AED 312.00
  8. As low as AED 312.00
  9. As low as AED 312.00
  10. As low as AED 312.00
  11. As low as AED 312.00
  12. As low as AED 312.00
  13. As low as AED 312.00
  14. As low as AED 294.00
  15. As low as AED 294.00
  16. As low as AED 294.00
  17. As low as AED 294.00
  18. As low as AED 312.00
  19. As low as AED 312.00
  20. As low as AED 312.00
  21. As low as AED 312.00
  22. As low as AED 312.00
  23. As low as AED 312.00
  24. As low as AED 297.00
  25. As low as AED 363.00
  26. As low as AED 331.00
  27. As low as AED 312.00
  28. As low as AED 336.00
  29. As low as AED 336.00
  30. As low as AED 336.00
  31. As low as AED 336.00
  32. As low as AED 336.00
  33. As low as AED 294.00
  34. As low as AED 289.00
  35. As low as AED 289.00
  36. As low as AED 352.00
  37. As low as AED 352.00
  38. As low as AED 315.00
  39. As low as AED 315.00
  40. As low as AED 296.00
Making your home a showroom

If you’re looking for a high-quality finish then look no further, a framed canvas may be just what you need.


The canvas securely sits within our wooden frames with a 1cm shadow gap around them to give off a floating effect. The frames are available in a classic matte black and white finish. They are already equipped with secure wall hanging hardware so that they are ready to start blossoming your walls as soon as they are delivered.


Framing the canvas is great trick to enhance an artwork and take your interiors to another level. They can work well to help focus a minimal masterpiece as well as containing a colorful collage mash-up.

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