Doing Good For Our Planet

Doing good for the environment is super important to us at Drawdeck. We try to incorporate as many environmentally-friendly initiatives as possible. From sourcing recycled paper for our leaflets to sourcing ‘controlled wood’ for our frames and partnering with companies whose ultimate goal is to reduce the negative impact on the environment by offering sustainable solutions.


We understand that every action causes a reaction and every step we take has a ripple effect. That’s why we’ve launched these initiatives to help better the environment and it doesn’t stop there as we want to continuously focus on building them a lot more in the future.


Not only do we love to be a place of inspiration for wall art everywhere, but we also love our planet and try our best to make it sustainable for generations to come.


You’ll be pleased to know that the wood we use for framing our art prints is FSC approved, which means Forest Stewardship Council, a body that recognises the work of companies who are active in their responsibility to care for the environment.


To read more about the FSC seal of approval on ‘Controlled Wood’, click here. 

Although we care about the whole planet, we believe this can be achieved in different ways, and for us, we have an ongoing partnership with One Tree Planted, to ensure for every print we sell, we plant one tree.

To read more about One Tree Planted and its initiatives, click here.

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